Minor Update

Disabled snap.com application. Introduction of the so-called “Snap Shares”, at least in its current form, negates all of the benefits of the system for me…

Minor Update(s)

Updated the guestbook to fix some “bugs” introduced after the installation of the new version of PHP on the servers.

Configured snap.com application for the front page (ilasoft.com and ilasoft.net supported). Will either disable it later on or extend for the rest of the site, based on how well in works in the next couple of weeks.

Finished the TWG Summary article I promised before.

TWG Summary

By just modifying five files (a total of around 25 lines added), you will be able to have your TWG Gallery produce “summary” pages, where the users will be able to see multiple medium-sized pictures, without having to go into each picture every-time. A must for high-bandwidth users/sites.

This article assumes you are running an unmodified version of Tiny Web Gallery script version 1.6.3. If you are running a different version, line numbers and code might be different.

File Comparison done based on “Araxis Merge File Comparison Reports” by Araxis Merge.

As always, remember to do a full back-up of the system or at least backup all the files you modify:

Pupko.com / TinyWebGallery modified, Tutorial to follow

I“ve modified TinyWebGallery program, that’s running on Pupko.com to allow for slideshows in galleries (previously you had to go into a particular image first, for some reason), and to allow for gallery “summaries” (viewing a particular gallery“s 20 mid-sized pictures at a time, as opposed to image by image or small thumbnails). Let me know how you like it… I will post the tutorial on how to do that on the website fairly soon, I hope.

Additionally, I would like to thank IconBuffet for the cool penguin icons that I used 🙂