E-Mail Error

switch($_GET[‘e’]) {
case 1:
?>Verification Code is missing or incorrect. Please go back, enter the verification code from the image, and try again.
The image looks something like this: You have left a required field blank.You have specified a banned email address.You have specified an invalid email address.You have no mail exchange records for your email address.The recipients email address is invalid.The recipients email address is unauthorized.There was an unknown error while checking the recipients email address.There was an unknown error while sending email.Invalid request method used.Unknown error. Please try again.

Go back (and don’t forget to retype the verification code)


The guestbook “Add” method has been fixed. The automatic (non-logging) IP-geocoding is now working- it should automatically zoom into the region from which the user IP has originated. If not, it will stay zoomed-out.
FYI, hostip.info is currently being used (one of the first good free IP geo-coders), but now there is a number of other free alternatives, like freegeoip.appspot.com for example.