Some “old” news

Added my dad’s BD party to and will add more galleries in a few days (Costa Rica, etc)… Updated a couple of pages on as well.
By the way, TextPattern got a major design upgrade recently. Hopefully this is a sign that the platform will stay around and will not slowly dieout like the rest of them.
Cyanogen has been extremely active- major updates each week. Can’t be happier I switched to Android and specifically this mod. Thank you, Steve and all the XDA-Devs.

Back from Costa Rica

I?m back from a short trip to Costa Rica. Albeit not too many photos were taken, it was still a lot of fun. I got to spend a handful of days with my family, only wish my brother could have joined us as well.
Photos and videos to follow…

More Textpattern

Continuing to work on the website, reworking styles, migrating missing sections and pages, rewording them, etc.
Decided to drop the skins section- it used to be pretty cool at the time I made it (has it really been almost 10 years???), but at this point it’s not a jaw dropper anymore… FAQ and Wallpapers are useless as well. I will be dropping the dynamic menu, random non-repeating links, custom search, and other obsolete items. Guestbook I built couple of years ago (using Google maps and GeoCoding technology) might still be trendy, so I will think of how to make it be part of the new site, same way I did the contact form, probably.

Textpattern 4.2.0 is now running Textpattern. Habari development and communication was not dynamic enough for me, so I had to switch. I wanted something new, something I have not tried before… Not overly user friendly, but overall the system seems to match my needs 🙂
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