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More Textpattern

Continuing to work on the website, reworking styles, migrating missing sections and pages, rewording them, etc.

Decided to drop the skins section- it used to be pretty cool at the time I made it (has it really been almost 10 years???), but at this point it’s not a jaw dropper anymore… FAQ and Wallpapers are useless as well. I will be dropping the dynamic menu, random non-repeating links, custom search, and other obsolete items. Guestbook I built couple of years ago (using Google maps and GeoCoding technology) might still be trendy, so I will think of how to make it be part of the new site, same way I did the contact form, probably.

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Textpattern 4.2.0

ILAsoft.net is now running Textpattern. Habari development and communication was not dynamic enough for me, so I had to switch. I wanted something new, something I have not tried before… Not overly user friendly, but overall the system seems to match my needs :)

Please visit http://textpattern.com/ to find out more about this Textile content management system!

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E-Mail Error

switch($_GET[‘e’]) {
case 1:
?>Verification Code is missing or incorrect. Please go back, enter the verification code from the image, and try again.
The image looks something like this: <?
case 2:
?>You have left a required field blank.<?
case 3:
?>You have specified a banned email address.<?
case 4:
?>You have specified an invalid email address.<?
case 5:
?>You have no mail exchange records for your email address.<?
case 6:
?>The recipients email address is invalid.<?
case 7:
?>The recipients email address is unauthorized.<?
case 8:
?>There was an unknown error while checking the recipients email address.<?
case 9:
?>There was an unknown error while sending email.<?
case 10:
?>Invalid request method used.<?

    ?>Unknown error. Please try again.<?


Go back) (and don’t forget to retype the verification code)

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E-Mail Sent

If you are waiting for an answer, I will try to answer to your e-mail as soon as possible.

Thank you!

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Pupko.com: Old Chicago

09-09-11.Old%2520Chicago/IMG_0947Old Chicago gallery added. Trying out various non-professional modes of the camera.

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Pupko.com: Taste of Colorado

09-09-05.Taste%2520of%2520Colorado/IMG_0900Taste of Colorado gallery added. Trying out the camera at various lighting conditions.

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Pupko.com: Multiple Galleries

09-08-20.Cirque%2520du%2520Soleil/IMG_0393Multiple galleries added to Pupko.com: a quick meeting with Brandon, a “NetParty” at downtown Denver, and opening night of Cirque du Soleil (with a short test HD video clip).

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Pupko.com: Party @ Kuskins'

09-08-15.Kuskin/IMG_0142Party @ Kuskins’ gallery added, plus some photos made a day before. Getting used to my new T1i, so the photos are not nearly as good they could’ve been, sorry :(

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Pupko.com: Night Out

09-07-24.Party/IMG_5970Night out @ Denver Downtown gallery added. Also includes some shots I made playing with a wide-angle lens…

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Pupko.com: Jeppesen Party + Ilya's BD .2

09-08-08.Jeppesen/P1020174Jeppesen Party ‘09 @ the Wings Over the Rockies Air & Space Museum gallery added. A few more photos were added to the Ilya’s BD gallery as well.

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