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@nginxorg Congrats on the huge event! Tactically - I'm having issues ATM w/Amplify - not getting the forget password email (tried several days in a row now), albeit hourly notifications are "just fine". Any assistance? All I want is to disable one of the dead Agents really.....

Python: Static Twitter

This code is used to download all of the tweets (and stay in-sync by running it regularly) as markdown files for inclusion into e.g. static blogs, such as this one. While you can simply display your timeline using Twitter’s official JS, replicating the tweets to your blog keeps it more current, allows for native comments, and, most importantly, ensures that visitors that may have tracker protections in use, can still see your posts aka tweets.

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#ICYMI: Find out what our Chief Architect @ILAsoft had to say about virtual #DataLakes: buff.ly/2FL8gkX via @SoftwareMag

#IoT and #blockchain are ready to drive a manufacturing revolution, says @jitterbit’s Chief Architect @ILAsoft buff.ly/2X0fHdl

Our Chief Architect @ILAsoft explains why #blockchain's 'new #cloud' pushes diverse #payment options, via @payments_source: bit.ly/2Wnfctz

"For blockchain technology to be useful, it must be enabled by APIs first..." We talked to Ilya Pupko, Chief Architect at Jitterbit about blockchain’s need for strong APIs, how the API economy is set to revolutionize blockchain and more. jaxenter.com/blockchain-api-…

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