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#AWS Digital User Engagement team just posted their lineup for #reInvent- with dedicated sessions every day of the week, you now have plenty of reasons to come and learn about using Amazon Pinpoint and Amazon SES to engage with and delight your customers: amzn.to/2JRIcEU

Security 🤦‍♂️ of the day - @VisaCheckout why do you have Google Analytics and other trackers on the login + send the OTM pin in the email subject line??!! #WhatAmIMissing Tried to temp-disable all blockers I could, still couldn't login, <TypeError: t.get is not a function> 😱 #Help

Looking forward to co-presenting several sessions at #reInvent e.g. portal.reinvent.awsevents.co… and portal.reinvent.awsevents.co…. In the meantime, here's a blog post on creating a fully-automated SMS-based chatbot: aws.amazon.com/blogs/messagi…

Amplify team is collecting feedback in a very transparent and straightforward way - I've chimed in, now it's your turn:
We're looking for Amplify CLI feedback on different ways to install and configure with your AWS account. If you're using Mac, Windows, iOS/Android development and are looking for different options please comment in the below RFC


Amazon’s Climate Pledge is a huge win for @AMZNforClimate & we’re thrilled at what workers have achieved in under a year. But we know it’s not enough. The Paris Agreement, by itself, won’t get us to a livable world. Today, we celebrate. Tomorrow, we’ll be in the streets.

Announcing multi-auth support for your APIs with AWS AppSync in the Amplify CLI and GraphQL Transformer 😎✌️
  • Public/Private controls you can mix & match
  • Multiple providers: API Keys, IAM, Cognito User Pools, OIDC
  • Automatic scoping of IAM policies



Hidden malware found in the highly popular — CamScanner — #Android app that has more than 100 million users.

#Google has removed it from its Play Store. To be safe, users are also recommended to uninstall #CamScanner immediately.

Introducing ToorCon TwentyOne: The Reboot - mailchi.mp/2947a7d099ed/toor…

🏝 You may be ready for a vacation, but don't let your #cybersecurity vigilance take a rest! Make cyber-smart decisions to keep your mobile device secure. go.usa.gov/xmzdW

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