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    PHP: Wunderground PWS from La Crosse Alerts

The code below can be reused to connect other types of weather stations, but it was originally designed to utilize undocumented features of the La Crosse Technology Wireless Weather Station with La Crosse Alerts (aka C84612).

Full tutorial is now available as a separate article “(HACKING) PROFESSIONAL WEATHER STATION FOR UNDER $100“.

Updated 2/10/2014:

  • Temp path moved to a variable instead (thank you, Mara and Ford)
  • Down alert default changed to 2 hours (La Cross internet update seems to be down just over 1 hour quite often)
  • Check for station itself being down (outside temperature reported exactly at 32 and dew point of 0)
  • Running script with ?output at the end would produce an output each time - helps troubleshoot otherwise successful runs
  • Info on delay in hours since last update always available on errors

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