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    Hint - Automatic Conference Calls

As the number of mobile, remote, and out-of-office workers rises, the most popular offering stays the same- conference calls. A long 800 number, followed by a pause while it connects you and then a very long random set of numbers followed by a pound- oh, how much we all hate dialing and redialing it oh so many times a day…… but what if there was another way??? A 3rd party app or service you ask? An alternative to phone? NO! Any alternative would bring with it side effects and unnecessary confusion, so why suffer, when you can just use what we ALL already have, are used to, and most importantly what works great for ALL of us?? Solution is most simple: use a different format in your emails, notes, and appointments and let the phone handle it all. The following format will have your phone, as well all other users’ of the conference, dial everything completely automatically with no additional work what so ever: phoneXextension# (and other formats are supported too, as well as additional pauses (X) and special symbols (#, *, etc)). For example: 1-800-111-1111×1234#

Again, the beauty of it is that everyone on the call will benefit from this, no app/service is needed, nor is it limited to a certain make and model/OS of the phone. Free, simple, and universal.


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