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I recently found a website called Ethical Consumer that is looking at the social and environmental records of various companies. Basically, they tell you if a specific company is following business ethics or not. Interesting website, but nothing special, I would just put into the webliography, if it wasn’t for the (wrong) name of the website… Once again, I thought about the difference we see between business ethics and consumer ethics. Why do people notice when businesses behave unethically, but don’t care when consumers do (specifically this website tells us that it is unethical to consume what these “unethical” businesses produce)? Long warranties and return policies are, to many unethical consumers, as a moving blanket for a bull. I’ve seen people return mowers with grass still in them, but nobody seemed to care- if the store doesn’t have anything in their return policy that disallows such actions, consumers believe that they have a natural right to do so. Why? Why don’t they see that it is unethical, almost as if they were stealing the money directly? I am not quite sure why this divide occurs and it disturbs me very much, as it means that I don’t understand something very essential about human relationships…

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